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We are happy to see that our very own Community Manager Nickie has been nominated for Games Campaigner 2022 category.

White woman in thick glasses smiling with hair to side.
Community Manager Nickie up for an award

This award recognises women who are actively campaigning for greater diversity in the games industry or who are using games to speak out on broader social issues affecting women.

Nickie has worked hard over the last year to bring more awareness to accessibility in games, especially around deaf and hear of hearing issues. She is a new addition for Many Cats and is already making her mark in the industry.

Nickie is a deaf gamer & community manager who champions the role of disabled and neurodiverse people in gaming. She is working hard to promote an accessible community experience for Many Cats, supporting disabled and neurodiverse gamers and developers in a space they feel welcome and seen.

She has given talks on the importance of accessibility at W <3 Games, the Tentacle Zone and Animex. She is also a key figure in many panels discussing disabled people in games, recently seen in the GA Conference EU on deaf / hard of hearing people in gaming.

Nickie has helped companies improve on their accessibility, even being part of the BAFTA-winning Solas-128. She is part of the Game Accessibility Nexus team as a deaf/hard of hearing writer. She regularly does accessible streams on Twitch on gaming and art under the guise of TalviOnline.

Come meet and chat with Nickie in our Discord.

- Chris

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