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A photo of EGX. It shows the crowds next to a playstation button symbols neon lights. There are Spyro posters in the background hanging from ceiling.

What can Many Cats do for you?

Many Cats is a one-of-a-kind games studio. We pride ourselves in being a social enterprise, especially within the video games industry.

We are experts in accessibility, and if we don't know we will seek out someone who does for you. We help you make your game more accessible. 

Many Cats is improving studios become more inclusive spaces and better at recruiting disabled and neurodiverse people.

Whether you need a mentor for your disabled graduates to build their confidence and connections to the industry or looking to provide insightful training to your foster carers around gaming and digital safety, Many Cats has the knowledge and background to do it.

Two PlayStation controllers held in front of a TV screen.

Fostering & Gaming

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