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Impact Sponsors

2023 Impact Cohort

Impact is an annual initiative to showcase and celebrate 6 disabled and neurodiverse individuals working in the UK games industry

What is Impact?

An annual long term initiative which showcases and celebrates the talents of 6 disabled and neurodiverse UK-based games industry professionals across various areas, specialisms and levels - who have stood out in their career and are proud advocates of their identity.

Who is part of the Impact community?

We have a growing community as part of Impact in our Many Cats Discord, they include people that are:

  • Disabled and/or neurodiverse

  • Vocal, visible and open about their disability or neurodiversity

  • Working in any games industry role

Check out our handy FAQ for more information on what we mean by disabled and neurodiverse.

Why is it needed?

  • 21.7% of people in the UK alone have at least one disability 

  • Disabled people are 29% less likely to be in employment compared to non-disabled people

  • Disabled people with severe or specific learning difficulties (26.2%), autism (29.0%), and mental illness or other nervous disorders (30.1%) have employment rates that are lower than disabled people with other impairment types. 

  • Only 4% of the UK games Industry consider themselves disabled, alongside 18% identifying as neurodiverse

  • Laws alone are not enough, there needs to be societal change, and the games industry has a role it can play in that.

  • "Just because discrimination is illegal, doesn't mean it doesn't happen" -

What do the cohort get?

What do finalists get in Impact

FAQs - document

Impact 2023 is proudly sponsored so far by

Cohort Partners

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You can get involved with this amazing campaign by contacting us now. 

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