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Project Name

Commute is the first official game by the Many Cats Studios team.

We are in very early stages of development and are working as part of this year's cohort of Tentacle Zone participants.

‘Commute’ explores the experience of deaf and Hard of Hearing people on public transport through narrative and puzzles to overcome the frustrations of an inaccessible society. The distinct visual and colour use, complimented by a minimal soundscape helps the player empathise with a disadvantaged group that is rarely at the front of interactive media.

Commute logo is three windows of blue and purple pastels with the letters of Commute in two and three across them. The letterings drawn.
An asian woman sits on a couch with a latop and her feet up on table towards camera. Next to her white socks on feet is a cat. The cat is a fluffy long haired, grey and white cat with orange / green eyes looking at the camera.
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