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Pixel art of two cats. One is ginger patch work pattern with a hearing aid. The other is white and with a hearing aid. They have player 1 and player 2 above them.

Experience the challenges of being a Deaf commuter in Commute, a narrative puzzle game. Use your wits and your hearing aid, solve visual puzzles and reach your destination.


One Minute Accessibility is an annual digital campaign for GAAD, bringing everyone's favourite accessibility tips to a bitesize format.

One Minute Accessibility

DNA of Games

DNA of Games is a podcast series to chat to disabled and neurodiverse games developers, creators and people involved in gaming.


A new campaign in partnership with Ukie's #RaiseTheGame.

Celebrating disabled and neurodiverse people working in the UK games industry.

Be a part of Cats and shape a better industry

Are you a disabled or neurodiverse person involved with gaming?

We need your help to create a project that will celebrate the UK & Europe's disabled and neurodiverse people in the games industry.

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