Many Cats Studios CIC champions young people with disabilities to reach their true potential in the video games industry.

We are a social enterprise based in Middlesbrough bridging the gap between the video games industry and support services, such as youth work and fostering providers.


Clowder gang

Many Cats has people that come with their own unique experience and background. We all advocate for a better industry.

Fostering training

We provide current in-depth training for fostering providers around video games and gaming culture.


Many Cats helps education providers and support services support young people into employment.


Accessibility is the right. Many Cats will help you get your game or digital presence more accessible for all.


An industry made for everyone

Many Cats Studios was founded as a way to make positive actions to change the UK games industry for the better. There is a need for better representation and diversity within development teams and we are determine to be the advocate for change.


Art by Gernzy, Concept Artist

Encouraging people from different walks of life makes our industry stronger for everyone.


Heather, Social Worker

The training feels very professional while being approachable


Laura, Work Experience

Many Cats is needed because there isn’t another company out there like it. People with disabilities, no matter what they are, deserve a chance to work in an industry they enjoy and can thrive in without the fear of being judged, held back or dismissed.


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