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Launching on Monday 14th November is #RaiseTheGame's new campaign aimed at amplifying accessibility awareness and showing the talents of disability and neurodiversity in the UK games industry.

We are supporting #RaiseTheGame's latest campaign called Access November by running our own accessibility workshop on auditory issues. Europe's largest inclusive design conference 'AbilityNet TechShare Pro' will be hosting an event as well highlighting accessibility strides in tech and gaming.

#RaiseTheGame will be sharing content and putting on activities throughout the campaign to provide opportunities and resources to help organisations think more inclusively and consider untapped demographics, such as those from disabled and neurodiverse communities, to expand audiences, talent growth and outreach efforts.

Activities include networking opportunities and webinars covering topics such as visual, cognitive and neurodiversity accessibility.

Auditory Accessibility Webinar with Many Cats.

Hosted on Zoom on Monday 21st November at 12pm (GMT).

Book your place for free:

Topics include:

  • An overall greater understanding around auditory accessibility.

  • What as industry professionals we can do to better to consider individuals with impaired hearing and/or who are deaf in the games we make and the environments we work in.

  • Best practices and resources to take back to your companies and teams to embed into your development pipelines and support greater inclusion in your culture and work.

Come join in on Access November and share your own accessibility stories.

- Chris

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