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It has been a while as myself and Harriet deal with life and an ever-changing and challenging industry. Harriet attended this year's Games Accessibility Conference EU and caught up with accessibility consultants and developers. It was interesting to find out how important Many Cats free resource, the Experts page was to linking consultants to games studios.

A conference room with round tables. People are sat around the tables facing a projector screen at the front that displays host Tara speaking to the room.
Games Accessibility Conference 2024 (image by François Sava)

Elisabeth Sivertsen, who goes by 'Arevya' online is an accessibility consultant on our Experts board:

"I was quite surprised when I open my gmail one day and saw a email from a big EU studio wanting to have me in as an accessibility consultant! They had found my info through the Many Cats Experts page, which is incredible, as I was quite new to the accessibility scene at that time."

Elisabeth / Arevya has recently joined forces with Laura Dale to create a podcast called 'Ctrl, Alt, Access', discussing the recent accessibility news in the world of games.

Screencap of Arevya's Youtube channel episode I play Palia with my feet.
Arevya's YouTube channel looking at game accessibility

Many Cats has recently updated the Experts page to include 10 more accessibility consultants from around the world offering a diverse set of skills to help you develop your game and make it as accessible as possible.

"It's really amazing, both for studios and us consultant, that we have a page that just puts everything together in one place." - Elisabeth "Arevya" Sivertsen

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