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On Thursday 21st May it is Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2020, this means the community is getting vocal (more so) about the importance of accessibility for all when it comes to the digital content, technology and services.

This is the first time I have seriously looked at GAAD (Global Accessibility Awareness Day), especially as a business owner with most of its content on the web. Even though I have a disability myself and devoted a lot of time learning about accessibility, I know I have a lot to learn and improve on, so someone new to making their company accessible may feel like they have a mountain to climb.

Awareness is important as it gets people talking, thinking and learning about digital inclusion. This means thinking and putting actions in place to how you approach content for a potential visually impaired or hard of hearing for example.

Hand resting on a mouse and keyboard

A great way to join the conversation and see what people with disabilities is to look at the hashtag #GAAD on Twitter. There are several threads on different aspects of accessibility like UI design and written content.

Many Cats want you to do only 3 things in support of GAAD!

1 - Check your images Alt Text

2 - Question if your text / font is large enough and clear enough

3 - Add captioning to one of your videos

For more information and tips on how your company can improve the accessibility of its website and more.

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