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Many Cats Studios has proudly launched a new podcast series called DNA of Games (Disability, Neurodiversity and Accessibility of Games) to break down the stigma of disabilities and neurodiversity within the video games industry.

Host Chris Goodyear, white man with close brown beard wearing a gold chain around neck.
Host: Chris Goodyear

The host, Many Cats founder Chris Goodyear, creates intimate conversations with professionals, working within the games industry, who live with a disability, neurodivergent or limiting condition about their career and life. Many Cats wanted to create a new platform for disabled and neurodiverse people in the industry to share their story so that disabilities become less of a taboo subject in industry spaces.

“There is little opportunity to talk about the realities of life with a disability,” Chris Goodyear commented. “It was several years into the industry before I met another deaf / Hard of Hearing person like myself. This podcast is a way for disabled people to see that there are others like themselves, and they are in all aspects of the industry.”

The first guest was Antonio Martinez, founder of the Games Accessibility Nexus as he talks about his life with Spinal Muscular Atrophy or SMA Type 3 and creating his own venture as an accessibility consultant and founding editor to a review site. Most important he lets us know what games had the biggest impact on him.

“I think it's important to talk openly about disability, from the human perspective as well as the games and working sides.” Says Antonio Martinez, “Telling these stories can help others realize they are not alone in this journey and raising awareness on the experiences people with disabilities live every day.”

The next four guests from left to right; Nickie Harper-Williams, Morgan Baker, Dom Shaw, Annabel Ashalley-Anthony
Here who is coming up in DNA of Games. (From left, Nickie Harper-Williams, Morgan Baker, Dom Shaw, Annabel Ashalley-Anthony)

The podcast is available on audio streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, with a visual version available with subtitles on YouTube for accessibility. Future guests include game designer Morgan Baker, Dom Shaw of Ukie and Melanin Gamers’ Annabel Ashalley-Anthony.

Latest episode with Nickie!

Podcast is available on a lot of major podcast broadcasters!

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