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As we all plodded through Lockdown 2020, I did something a little different. I took part in a brand new art competition series for Channel 4 called Drawers Off.

Jenny Eclair stands in front of several easels with life drawings on
Jenny Eclair presents Channel 4's Drawers Off

"Comedian Jenny Eclair is to present a brand-new Daytime format on Channel 4. In Drawers Off, amateur artists reveal their naked ambition as they compete to win a cash prize by creating life-portraits of each other." - Channel 4

It was amazing opportunity to be representing both the games industry and disabilities on national television. Given the filming restrictions due to Covid, I was impressed by the production's ability to ensure I felt supported and had all the information I needed.

This is the first time I have done anything on television and first time I have really shown myself as an artist, so as you can imagine I was super nervous! I have a deep love of life drawing and have always tried to find classes and groups to take part in where ever I was. But actually becoming the model.... not a chance. 😂

So how will I fair becoming the model? Well, you'll have to watch.

Close up of Chris looking at a canvas. The canvas is hidden from the viewers view.
Chris competes to win a cash prize

Catch me during the second week, competing to win the prize and be named artist of the week from Monday 8th March on Channel 4 at 5.30pm. Feel free to cheer me on and support me on Twitter with the #DrawersOff !

- Chris (@chris_goodyear)

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