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Kickstart is a Government scheme aimed to help support young people back into work after

the economic effects of the pandemic. It’s aimed at 16-24-year-olds who are not in education

and are currently claiming universal credit.

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What is the process?

1. First check our Open roles on Work With Indies and Hitmarker.

2. Apply through your Job Centre and via the form.

3. Wait to be referred by your local Work Coach.

4. After the referral you will need to apply directly, make sure to check with your Work

Coach how to do so.

5. Once you applied with the studio, they will move you forward through their own

recruitment process.

The Job Placements are only available for Universal Credit claimants aged 16 to 24 who are

out of education. Placements are 26 weeks (6 months) in length with companies able to keep people on afterwards.

UKIE and Into Games have joined forces so that the games industry benefits from this scheme and gives the best chances for the next generation. UKIE is putting itself forward to be that representative for the games sector and run all the associated administration required.

Into Games is a youth careers non-profit that works to provide better opportunities into the

games sector for underrepresented groups. They have several projects aimed at educating

about a career in games and providing guidance to get things started. They have done previous projects such as The Games Careers Week and The Mentorship Program which will help Kickstart participants to increase their ability to remain working in the industry. In addition, the scheme has employability training and covered by Into Games throughout the duration of the scheme.

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Could you find your start in your dream industry?

You can find a complete list of jobs either on 'Hitmarker' Job Board;

Or 'Work with Indies' Job Board;

If you are a company looking to find out more about the Kickstart Scheme and how you can use it to find talent and help young people out of work; take a look at Into Games' Sara's article.

New Kickstart Scheme jobs can start up until 31 December 2021.

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