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EGX Fringe Theatre 2018

We were delighted to be accepted as part of the very first EGX Fringe Theatre to present our own topic for a panel discussion at EGX in Birmingham.

It was important for us to have a major platform to make our voice heard and discuss disabilities in a honest and open way. We brought along people from different areas of the country and at different points in their games career to discuss their experiences of having a disability and how that may have effected them getting into and working in the games industry.

Discussions were led by some overall questions of how the current games industry views disabilities, the potential barriers for disabled people getting into the industry (the effects on finding jobs, interviews and being upfront about any issues) and how this all effects the representation of disabilities and learning difficulties in the games we are making and playing.

We took audience questions at the end, which was great to see a real interest in how to be accessible and the future technology that could help us.


Chris Goodyear - Director, Many Cats Studios CIC


Oliver William Walker - Junior Designer, Just Add Water Ltd

Harriet Frayling - Student, MSc Videogame Enterprise, Production & Design, Birmingham City University

Katie Goode - Creative Director, Triangular Pixels Ltd

Simran Whitman - Producer, Tri-Heart Interactive / Founder for Manchester Gamers Unite

Listen to the the panel below,

For a transcribed version of the audio - please click here

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